LifePoint Church reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic (updated 6/13/20) 


Hello LifePoint Church Family,


All of us miss being able to worship together as a church family.  While we would like to pick up exactly where we left off, we realize that our coming back together will be a gradual process.  The following action plan has been developed with much prayer, seeking leadership from God, consulting with our leadership staff and other ministry leaders, following our national, state, and local officials, and reviewing the CDC guidelines for churches.


We believe the following action plan is reasonable and represents our eagerness to gather together with God’s people to worship Him in a biblical way and to operate within the guidelines given by our government.  The safety of our church family and obedience to God are of the utmost consideration in our decisions.


As you review our action plan, please keep the following things in mind:


1. There will be varying opinions within our church and within our community regarding how and when we re-assemble.  The best we can do is make wise decisions concerning information at hand and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We are in this together as a family.  Let’s support, pray for, and encourage one another.


2.  This action plan is subject to change as information updates and as God leads.  Please check back regularly for updated schedules.


3.  We want to encourage all those that fall in high risk categories to continue to make decisions that protect your health.  Do not feel compelled to participate in anything you feel places you in jeopardy.  All online worship options will remain in place.


4.  Before we bring any groups back together, our facilities will have been thoroughly disinfected and will continue to be disinfected between services.  We will also have instituted safety precautions that comply with all social distancing and cleanliness guidelines.


SPECIAL NOTE: At any point, if you are sick, have a fever, or have been exposed to the coronavirus, we ask you to stay home for the appropriate amount of quarantine time, rest and recover.  If you have pre-existing conditions or are considered unusually vulnerable because of a weakened immune system or age, please continue to benefit from our online ministry.  We commit ourselves to praying for you and look forward to being together again in the house of the Lord.


Action Plan - Beginning Sunday, June 14

  • We will continue with in person service on Sunday morning at 10:00a and also service will be streamed on Facebook live,, LifePoint Church app, Youtube, Periscope, and Boxcast

  • Families will be asked to sit together with at least 2 empty seats between family units.

  • Alive! Children's ministry will be open and ready to minister to your children on Sunday morning at 10:00a.

  • The nursery will be open and available for mothers and babies but there will be no nursery staff.

  • While with us for services, we will ask everyone to practice social distancing and refrain from shaking hands and hugs. While we recognize that some are more willing to shake hands and give/receive hugs, there are many who are not so willing during this time.  Please respect their wishes and avoid placing them in the awkward position of turning down requests to hug or shake hands.

  • The sanctuary is set up to facilitate seating in accordance with social distancing guidelines and our ushers will be there to help seat people.  Those who live together are encouraged to sit together and all others will be asked to keep an appropriate distance between seats.

  • There will be hand sanitizer available to those who desire it with additional sanitizer stations ordered that will be put out when they arrive.  If you would like to wear a mask while you attend, you are welcome to do so.

  • Offering receptacles will be available at all three sanctuary entrances for you to deposit your giving.  We will not be passing offering bags or receiving the “traditional” offering.  You may also continue to give through our church app,, or by mailing your offering to the church at 3100 E. McGalliard Rd, Muncie Indiana 47303.  We thank you for your faithful giving through this entire pandemic.

  • We will continue with online service only on Wednesdays.

  • There will be no regular Sunday night services.


The benefits of gathering again are tremendous!  The benefits include fellowshipping with God’s people, worshipping God together and hearing the preaching of the Word in person.  After many weeks of online church services, we all can agree that there is nothing like being at church in person.  Lord willing, we look forward to seeing everyone very soon!


Pastor Joe Prewitt